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Lottery Ticket Machine Service

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Camelot Lottery Ticket Machine problems can arise from a number of issues such as wear and tear, poor network connectivity and misuse.

This guide will help to troubleshoot problems with the lottery terminal and provide next steps for problem resolution of the game machine.


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When a terminal does become available, we use a fair and rational selection process to identify those outlets, irrespective of sector or proximity to other stores, which offer us the best opportunity to generate incremental sales – and therefore raise even more money for the Good Causes.

In selecting our retailers, we take into account over 40 separate criteria – including current and projected sales, footfall, store size, access and potential demand – as well as wider market trends and changes in the retail landscape. We also take into consideration the local knowledge and insight of our experienced sales executives.

We work with approaching 37,000 retailers throughout the UK, with independent outlets making up the majority. To ensure we are fair and thorough, the same criteria apply across all retailers regardless of area or sector – with each case being ultimately judged on its own merits.

In addition, we recently announced that around 10,000 retailers will benefit from our rollout of standalone Scratchcard terminals – which will satisfy untapped demand for National Lottery Scratchcards and will deliver millions of pounds in additional funding to National Lottery Good Causes annually.

If you would like to formally register your future interest in having a National Lottery terminal in your store, please complete and submit the form below. If you have previously done so but your circumstances have since changed, you can update your details to ensure that we hold the most up-to-date information about your store. You can do this by calling the Retailer Hotline on 0800 8 40 50 60.

Your details will be added to our database of potential retailers, which we assess on a regular basis throughout the year to identify the best opportunities to generate incremental sales, dependent on terminal availability at the time.

We will keep your details on file unless you ask for them to be removed or they need to be updated. You can do this by calling the Retailer Hotline on 0800 8 40 50 60.

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