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Pentax K-1 Digital SLR Camera Body

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About Pentax K-1



Pentax K-1 Key Features


With the Pentax K-1, Ricoh's long-awaited full-frame DSLR, Pentax has entered the fray for the hearts, minds and wallets of professional photographers and prosumers. Housing a 36.4MP filterless full-frame CMOS sensor and offering an ISO range up to 204,800, the rugged K-1 is packed with advanced features and boasts high image quality at a price that is competitive with Nikon, Canon, and Sony's low-end full-frame models.


Finally, Full-Frame


Somewhat bigger and heavier than Pentax's top APS DSLR, the full-frame K-1 is built around a high-resolution 36.4MP sensor, putting it in direct competition with the Nikon D810 INKD810AD and Sony A7R ISOA7RC. When it comes to Canons, it falls between the 5DS and 5D Mark III. With an ISO range of 100-204,800 and a mechanical shutter that ranges from 30-1/8000 seconds, the camera offers EV compensation to +/0- 5EV.



K1 Finally, Full-Frame

Built-in sensor-shift shake reduction (SRII)

As with other Pentax DSLRs , the K-1 has built-in sensor-shift shake reduction (SRII) that works on five axes. Similarly, the camera uses Pixel Shift resolution to effectively improve image quality, which uses micro-movements and computational imaging technology to increase subject sharpness. This technology debuted in the Pentax K-3 II and test results showed significantly improved subject details.

Built-in sensor-shift shake reduction (SRII)

TTL metering system


The Pentax K-1's TTL metering system uses an 86k-pixel RGB sensor with multi-segment, center-weighted and spot metering as the choices. Super sensitive, it has a range of EV -3 to 20, and five user custom function settings.

The focusing system is a TTL phase detection type, with 33 focus points, 25 of which are cross-type points in the center. Autofocus points can be selected manually, with smaller or expanded areas of focus points, as well as spot focus selection.

The K-1's eye-level viewfinder is a traditional pentaprism finder with a 100% field of view and a 0.70x magnification. A diopter is available for eye relief, and overlays indicating AF points, a grid display, an electronic level, the autofocus frame, and spot metering indications are all available.


Pentax K-1's TTL metering system

Feature Rich


The K-1's eye-level viewfinder is a traditional pentaprism finder with a 100% field of view and a 0.70x magnification. A diopter is available for eye relief, and overlays indicating AF points, a grid display, an electronic level, the autofocus frame, and spot metering indications are all available.

The generously-proportioned 3.2-inch, 1,037k dot resolution LCD monitor can flip out diagonally as well as horizontally and vertically, something we haven't seen before on a DSLR at this level. Indications include focus peaking (a useful tool for manual focusing), face detection, and compositional aides.


Feature RIch

Wireless & Weatherproof


The Pentax K-1 is fully weather-sealed. It is built on a metal chassis with a magnesium alloy shell, and is sealed against dust and rain via 87 special sealing parts. it can be operated at 14-104 degrees F. At 32.6 ounces it is a substantial camera.

Pentax wisely built in wireless connectivity, using IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standard with security encryption available for Wi-Fi connectivity and operation via a mobile device. Geotagging is available via GPS so you can record latitude, longitude, altitude, time and direction. The camera has dual SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card slots, and users can select them to be filled simultaneously (JPEG and RAW recording), copying images from one card to the other, or sequentially.



K1 wireless connectivity

Pentax ecosystem

The Pentax ecosystem is already well established. Since Pentax has released many K-mount lenses designed for APS-sensor cameras, the K-1 has an APS image-recording mode that crops the full-frame image down to APS-sized, allowing use of APS lenses. However, many more Pentax lenses were designed for use in both APS and full-frame cameras, and the K-1 will be especially prized for its full compatibility with Pentax's Limited Edition prime lenses, which have garnered praise for many years but which haven't had a full-frame digital camera to work with until now. The Pentax K-1 will be compatible with Pentax's lineup of TTL flashes as well.

Pentax ecosystem

36.4 MP Full Frame Sensor

36.4 MP Full Frame Sensor


The K-1’s unique full frame sensor is an AA filterless design that prioritizes image resolution. Coupled with the new PRIME IV imaging engine, it features 14-bit RAW-format image recording capability and super-high-sensitivity shooting up to ISO 204800, producing stunning high-resolution images in any shooting environment.


New SR II In-Camera Shake Reduction

New SR II In-Camera Shake Reduction


The SR II five-axis shake reduction mechanism is redesigned to operate flawlessly with the new large full frame image sensor. Because SR II shake reduction is body-based, it works with all full frame compatible PENTAX interchangeable lenses. SR II shake reduction efficiently controls the SR unit to always produce the best image possible.


Pixel Shift Resolution System with Motion Correction

Pixel Shift Resolution System with Motion Correction

With sharp filterless performance, reducing moiré by capturing 4 images of the same scene and then composing the four images into a single image. As SR II tilts the image sensor unit in all directions, it provides auto level compensation and image-composition fine-adjustment.

Unique PENTAX Pentaprism Optical Viewfinder

Unique PENTAX Pentaprism Optical Viewfinder


The K-1’s new optical viewfinder provides a nearly 100-percent field of view and an approximately 0.70-times magnification. A Natural Bright Matt III focusing screen allows ease of focusing and a true-to-life rendition of defocused areas in the viewfinder image.


SAFOX 12 with 33 AF Sensor Points

SAFOX 12 with 33 AF Sensor Points


The center sensor and the two sensors located just above and below it are designed to detect the light flux of an F2.8 lens.


APS-C Crop Mode

APS-C Crop Mode

APS-C Crop Mode allows it to accommodate all PENTAX lenses developed for APS-C sensors.

Operation Assist LED Lighting

Operation Assist LED Lighting


The operation assist light function provides LED lights above the lens mount, behind the LCD monitor, at the memory card slot, and at the cable switch terminal to facilitate fast and easy operation in low light environments.


GPS/Electronic Compass/Astro Tracer

GPS/Electronic Compass/Astro Tracer


Records shooting location, facing direction, and date and time. Electronic Compass records shooting direction. With Astro Tracer, capture sky objects in the night sky without streaking or blurring during long exposures.




Pentax K-1 Features

  • 36.4 effective MP, AA Filterless Full Frame CMOS sensor
  • Newly Designed Prime IV Engine
  • High Sensitivity 204,800 ISO
  • SRII five-axis Shake Reduction System
  • Pixel Shift Resolution System with motion correction function
  • Continuous shooting at 4.4fps
  • Selectable Anti-Aliasing Filter Effect
  • 33 Point Auto-Focus System
  • SAFOX 12 Autofocus Module
  • Pentaprism Optical Viewfinder with 100% FOV
  • 4-point LED Illumination of critical camera functions
  • 3.2-inch Cross-Tilt LCD display
  • APS-C Crop Mode for maximum lens flexibility and compatibility
  • Built-in GPS and ASTRO TRACER Functions
  • Built-in Electronic Compass
  • Wi-Fi Camera Control and Image Transfer
  • Professional H.264 Full HD video
  • Dual SD card slots
  • Fully weather sealed
  • HDMI port




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