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401(k) and you Pensions


  • Pensions were important, but as ,,,,


Use Case 1.2   HR Customer Self-Service – Open/Modify/Close case

Main form of contact: Ask HR Link

USER: Geoff Hill  (Trent)

  • Start from Employee Profile (contextual help)
  • Employee asks a travel policy question of “How does my FRIEND get free travel?
  • Information is still specific for a Customer Service Manager, but a KM answer is NOT found.
  • Employee is offered option to open case.
  • Employee opens case
  • Case is sent to Advisor where there is a list of open cases in his/her work queue.
  • Advisor opens the case and searches KM tool for “How to use a BUDDY pass” which is different from the employee request typed in previously
  • List of possible answers comes up from KM system
  • Advisor chooses “Buddy Pass FAQ” answer from KM.
  • Advisor responses to employee with an answer from KM of “Add Portal Post” with instructions on how to add.
  • Employee Reads the response and closes case.   Case is stored in history.



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