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Delivery and Inventory Management

Order Status

For the latest information on the status of your product order, contact a Customer Service Representative.

Cylinder Holdings

Cylinder holdings is designed to give you a clear picture of the rental cylinders you currently hold. You can view information on prepayment contracts and conduct self-certified stock counts, subject to review.

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Inventory Management- Bulk Gas

Inventory Management can be used to enter your tank readings, place orders, view product usage and inform Air Products of changes in your production schedule.

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TELALERT® Telemetry Systems

With our telemetry monitoring programs, your gas consumption can be monitored, and your product will be automatically replenished when required. Product deliveries are scheduled from our world-class logistics center, where we forecast deliveries using our proprietary software and remote TELALERT telemetry systems. Our logistics center can help you lower inventory control and reporting costs and minimize delivery truck traffic at your facility.  

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