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Process Power

Process Power
Industry-leading arc management—stable power delivery through extreme arc conditions, for highly repeatable films



  • In 2013, AE® disrupted the dual-magnetron sputtering paradigm by introducing bipolar pulsed-DC technology, providing unprecedented plasma control where only limited control previously existed.
    Ascent AP power supplies further extend your ability to optimize output by introducing additional control parameters in a compact solution for dual- and now also single-magnetron sputtering. With patented
    pulsing technology, the Ascent AP solution proactively inhibits arcs, and its wide operational range unlocks a range of material options to extend process flexibility and material innovation.

Why AEI?


  • Precise sputtering of dielectric and conductive films
  • Single-magnetron and dual-magnetron configurations available
  • Extended process control, flexibility, and innovation
  • High film quality and throughput
  • Repeatable, customizable films
  • Higher power levels with reduced arc damage
  • Easy integration and control


Power Delivery


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