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A proactive approach

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ABB TrafoAsset Management provides operators with the information, expertise and maintenance tools they need to face the challenge of managing their transformer fleets. The result is improved asset management and lower risk of unexpected failures. In addition, the comprehensive range of data collected, from design to condition assessment, helps reduce the impact of a failure by enabling the transformer to quickly return to normal operating conditions. By performing proactive maintenance based on the TrafoAsset Management method, operators benefit from a lower risk of unexpected failures as well as fewer penalties (for utilities) and loss of revenue (for industry) 10.


The importance of asset management and proactive services based on condition assessments of transformers is paramount due to the increasing average age of the worldwide transformer fleet and the more demanding conditions regarding quality of uninterrupted energy delivery. ABB’s integrated modular assetmanagement approach provides a clear picture of the risk structure and the maintenance required to deliver needed asset reliability and availability. This allows operation managers to make the best use of maintenance and replacement budgets, allocating funds to high-risk units.


By reducing the risk of failure within given financial constraints and by minimizing the impact of a failure when it does occur, ABB’s TrafoAsset Management is providing a powerful service.


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