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Industrial Gas Plant Services


With our flexible, comprehensive range of services supporting air separation plants, LNG, hydrogen recovery, hydrogen production plants, helium recovery and other hydrocarbon processing facilities, we can work with you to customize the support you need. View our list of services below and contact us for more details.


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Plant Assessments

We can evaluate your plant and provide solutions to boost production, reduce power consumption, enhance safety, increase reliability, and much more.

Plant Assessment (English)
Brochure (Chinese)
Brochure (Spanish)
Customer Plant Support

Hydrogen Plant Assessment

Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

Our service agreements are very flexible and can be custom designed to satisfy your specific operational needs. As an example, under a typical O&M arrangement, Air Products will staff your plant with our experienced personnel and provide day-to-day and long-term operation and maintenance requirements.

Engineering, maintenance
     and operating services

Operation and
     Services for Industrial
     Gas Plants

Maximize your assets’
     value with Air Products’
     digital platform

Operation and maintenance

Technical Services Package and Operator Training

We can provide your staff with the operational and maintenance support, training and technical advice necessary to improve safety, reliability and operating efficiency and to reduce costs for the life of your facility.

Technical Services Package
Operator Training

Spare Parts and Inventory Control

At Air Products we appreciate how important it is to have the right spares at the right time to carry out both planned and emergency repairs to your plant. CPS provides a single source to cater to all your spare parts needs.

Spare Parts and
    Inventory Control

Turbomachinery Expanders

The Industial Gas Plant Support team offers a range of cryomachinery services designed to help customers improve performance and minimize costly downtime.

Cryogenic Machinery Services

Equipment and Modifications

Air Products operates hundreds of industrial gas plants so we can help you determine the most cost-effective, practical and flexible solutions to keep your plant operating at peak efficiency and availability.

Equipment and Modifications
Services for
    Air Pretreatment Systems
Control System Upgrades
    and Support

Instrumental rental, repair and calibration services

Air Products is your resource for instrument rental, repair and calibration services, and field support. Our enhanced collaboration of technical support and services is available to you on an “as needed” basis and helps eliminate your high cost of owning and maintaining expensive instrumentation and parts.

Instrumental Rental, Repair
    and Calibration Services

Hydrogen Plant Support Services The Industrial Gas Plant Support team offers hydrogen plant support services.  Rely on Air Products' expertise to provide productivity improvements to your steam-methane reformer (SMR) and hydrogen pressure swing adsorption (PSA) systems. Hydrogen Plant Support

Hydrogen Pressure Swing
    Adsorption (PSA) Services
    and Solutions

Stream Methane
    Reformer (SMR):
    Productivity Improvement
    Services and Solutions

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